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At OMA we take great pride in providing the highest caliber of education and service to each one of our students, and there is no greater reward than the satisfaction of our clients!

“Open Minds Academy does an incredible job. You gave [my child] so much confidence and attention. Open Minds encouraged her to reach outside of her comfort zone and not only make her own goals but helped her achieve them and go beyond them. The environment at OMA is nurturing and caring and at the same time allows the children to find their independence and think for themselves. Everyone at OMA opens their hearts and minds to the children and gives them endless encouragement and support.  We are forever grateful for everything OMA did for [my child] and our family.”

-Kelly G., OMA Parent

“I’m happy to say that Open Minds was very easy to work with. I felt like the tutors did everything they could to ensure the students stayed on track with what we were doing at school in order to have an easy transition when they returned.”

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- Sarah D., Teacher

“ Open Minds Academy is an amazing Tutoring center that matches your child with the perfect tutor.  My son has been working with OMA for 2 years and has made great progress.  We could not be happier”.

- Maria N, OMA Parent

“I want to salute the administrators and staff at Open Minds Academy.  I can personally attest that [my student] has returned filled with energy and eager to resume class with her peers.  It was a seamless transition and she never missed a beat during her absence.   For this I am grateful. How wonderful!"

- Angela P., St Francis School in Goshen, KY.

“[My student] came back confident and ready to work!  Initially, I was worried about [my student] leaving us when he was making good progress, however, the time away gave him a chance to work on specific skills one-on-one with fantastic tutors. This setting at Open Minds Academy gave [my student] the opportunity to make great gains in the areas of decoding and fluency. Thank you, Open Minds Academy, for all your help!!"

- Ann M., St Francis School in Goshen, KY

Our three children look forward to coming every day!

- Ginny F, OMA parent

“Wonderful, patient teachers who make learning fun in a very engaging environment! We encourage all our clients to have their children attend this awesome school! They work efficiently and in harmony with the children’s “parent" schools when the child is away from their hometown. There is never a need for a child to fall behind in their school work when the family must travel to our area. Great job ladies!"

- Linda S, pony trainer

“I was very impressed by Sara and the staff at OMA. Sara took the time to travel to Kentucky to visit our school and meet our faculty. She understood that seeing students in their learning environment was important, as was having face-to-face conversations with their teachers. The communication between OMA and our school was a critical part of our students’ success while they were away. Sara and all of the tutors sent us weekly reports and emailed teachers with questions or concerns. They followed our curriculum carefully, so that our students came back to us well-prepared to re-enter the classroom. It was a pleasure working with OMA!"

- Jennifer G, Dean, St. Francis School in Goshen, KY

“Beautiful environment and skilled teachers."

- Sara B

We had a fantastic experience.  Allison was literally smiling and DANCING around the house afterward.  Her confidence took a huge boost with working with Katherine and knowing she could do the work.  It was amazing. Seeing your child HAPPY at 8 pm at night after doing an hour of math after a long day almost makes you as a parent want to dance around as well.  What a relief to know your child is getting the help they need to be successful.

- Heather K, Partner Specialist, Five Years Out

“Our son is part of OMA’s full-time program and LOVES working with his tutors everyday and learning at his own speed.  He especially enjoys computer coding and is lightyears ahead of his peers!  I love that as a home-school mom I can log into his online portal and see his progress and accelerated curriculum.  I feel totally confident that the certified teachers he works with are concentrating on his strengths and pushing him academically and to his full potential."

- -OMA Parent

“I’ve been going to school at OMA for five years. I love going to school here because the Tutors are very kind, helpful, and cool. They teach you at your own pace and figure out your learning style so you can get your work done easier. Since the Tutors only have few students, you can get your work done as best as possible. Then, you can able to fun things!"

- Eliza F., OMA Student

“As parents of a special needs child, it is often difficult to find the right fit for our son. Open Minds Academy has opened their doors to our family with warmth, creativity, flexibility, care, and professionalism. Tyler and Sara have gone above and beyond any of our expectations, working comprehensively on an individualized plan for our son. They are always available to meet and collaborate with his various therapists to continuously build and support a cohesive team. Thank you OMA!"


- Celene Rattray